Does art matter?

Children doing art

It is estimated that 4 million elementary school students are not taught art in school. In most cases, there is not enough funding for creative programs such as art, theater, dance, drama, and music. Many schools rely on local volunteers to teach to students in lieu of a full or part time art teacher.

At all ages, but particularly in the very young (K-5), artistic expression is a developmental building block that can enrich student lives. Learning how to use creativity and imagination can give children higher self-confidence, higher test scores, and a better understanding of how they, as an individual learn. It also helps children learn how to put their ideas into action. This can contribute to lifelong skills toward success, as well as coping skills for how to deal with stress, for example.

Should art programs be a priority in education? Is art as important as math, language, science, social studies, geography, etc.?

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